Who Writes This Stuff, Anyway?

CENTS & THE CITY is written by Amanda Ribeiro, a student at Fashion Institute of Technology. She is in her third year at FIT and enjoys taking advantage of city living. While she mainly grew up on Long Island, her father has always lived in the West Village neighborhood of Manhattan, cultivating her love and appreciation for New York City. Since attending school and living full-time in New York, Amanda has noticed the similarities and differences in spending trends between her friends attending school in “typical” college towns and herself, a city student. In writing this blog, she has learned more about the value of the “New York dollar” and its effects. While Amanda is missing out the traditional college experience, she wouldn’t trade it for anything because of all that New York has to offer.


3 responses to “Who Writes This Stuff, Anyway?

  1. All true things!
    What do you think about NYC living as opposed to other cities?
    True that going to college in NYC is very different than going to school in the middle of nowhere, but how do you think it compares to other cities?

    ~ME ❤

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