Average Budget for a College Student

Adding discretionary spending subtracts mucho dinero from wallets everywhere. And that is exactly the grand lifestyle of the average college student!

Looking for breakdowns of how typical college students spend their own money, I found that 40% of their spending goes towards recreational purposes while 49% of the students surveyed have a part-time job, garnering their own income. Students attending college in New York City most likely hold a higher percentage in that area.

In this infographic, studies done by Westwood College demonstrate one of life’s greatest mantras: work hard, party harder! (Click on the image for a larger view.)


4 responses to “Average Budget for a College Student

  1. Interesting! Would not have guessed that 49% of students have a part-time job. Also, I wish I received on average of $ 312 a month from my family! 😉

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